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May 6, 2021
Testing summary:
Total: 341'114 games
played by 257 programs

White wins: 137'230 (40.2%)
Black wins: 115'634 (33.9%)
Draws: 88'250 (25.9%)
White score: 53.2%


Hosting Assistance

We would like to thank Anton Mihailov at Chessdom for providing us with an excellent web-hosting solution via


Following people submitted games to CCRL 40/2 FRC database: Ray Banks.

Kirill Kryukov and Shaun Brewer automated statistical analysis and designed the web-site, with lot of useful feedback from other team members.

Ray Banks and Kirill Kryukov maintained the game database and published updates.

Authors of chess software we used

We want to thank Martin Blume for creating Arena - a great free chess interface. We also want to thank Matthias Gemuh for creating ChessGUI - another great free chess interface. We also used commercial interfaces: Chessbase interfaces, Shredder GUI by Stefan Mayer-Kahlen and Engine Research Tool by Lokasoft.

Odd Gunnar Malin made very useful adapters Wb2Uci and InBetween.

Eugene Nalimov and Andrew Kadatch created "Nalimov Tablebases". Daniel Shawul created Scorpio bitbases. Miguel Ballicora created Gaviota tablebases. We also thank members of EGTB Online project for making those endgame tablebases freely available online.

We are grateful to several people including but not limited to: Harry Schnapp, Sedat Canbaz, Wael Deeb, Christopher Conkie, Arturo Ochoa, Jeroen Noomen, Stefan Pohl, Mike Scheidl for creating high quality opening books we used in testing.

Most of all we would like to thank developers of all the chess engines we tested: Enrique Sanchez Acosta, Volker Annus, Volker Annuss, Aaron Becker, Marco Belli, Michel Van den Bergh, Uri Blass, Volker Bohm, Lucas Braesch, Pedro Castro, Manik Charan, Vivien Clauzon, Federico Corigliano, Marco Costalba, Stuart Cracraft, Don Dailey, Richard Delorme, Vadim Demichev, Antonio Dieguez, Patrice Duhamel, Ubaldo Andrea Farina, Sune Fischer, Thomas Gaksch, Lukas Geyer, Fabio Gobbato, Andrew Grant, Christian Guenther, Gunnar Harms, Tony Hecker, Daniel C Homan, Peter Horvath, Robert Houdart, Larry Kaufman, Niyaz Khasanov, Joona Kiiski, Tim Kosse, Pawel Koziol, Mark Lefler, Fabien Letouzey, Bernhard C. Maerz, Edoardo Manino, Gemuh M. Matthias, Andreas Matthies, Steve Maughan, Jonas Mayr, Daniel Mehrmann, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Anastasios Milikas, Aleksandar Naumov, Gian-Carlo Pascutto, Roland Pfister, Richard Pijl, Teemu Pudas, Landon W. Rabern, Vasik Rajlich, Fritz Reul, Alberto Alonso Ruibal, Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz, Ralf Schafer, Norman Schmidt, Alessandro Scotti, Martin Sedlak, Chua Kong Sian, Allard Siemelink, Christian Sommerfeld, Mark Uniacke, Engin Ustun, Richard Vida, Simon Waters, Daniel White, Franck Zibi, Johannes Zwanzger, Stockfish team members.

Software we used for database management, statistics, game analysis, web-site publishing and communication

We want to thank Remi Coulom for creating a wonderful tool Bayeselo. We use it to compute our rating lists, LOS figures and performances.

David J. Barnes created PGN Extract which we use to perform opening classification of our game database.

Our statistics and processing is automated using Perl language, particularly ActivePerl distribution.

We used following great software for file and database management:

Other incredibly useful free software we use every day:

Created in 2005-2008 by CCRL team
Last games added on May 6, 2021