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September 15, 2020
Testing summary:
Total: 294'230 games
played by 227 programs

White wins: 119'042 (40.5%)
Black wins: 101'521 (34.5%)
Draws: 73'667 (25.0%)
White score: 53.0%

List of "killed" engines

"Killed" engines are engines we temporarily removed from our list. Most common reason is that they don't have enough games and none of us is enthusiastic to test them more. All games of these engines are removed from the database as well and not used for the rating list.

of games
Critter 1.41'000
Critter 1.61'200
Octochess 5178600
Rybka 42'900
Rybka 4 C13510700
Rybka 4 TC3100100500
Rybka 4 TC3100150500
Stockfish 0909132'100
Stockfish 2.0700

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Last games added on September 15, 2020